Black and Blue

When you feel beaten to a pulp everyday, where everything aches and the only thing that’s reminding you you’re alive is the pain. Where the line to surrendering is so tempting and feels so right.

Then yes, you must be a teenager or you have an incurable painful disease.

Well if your the latter sorry this can’t remove your tumour, Being a teenager, most say is the most enjoyable part of someone’s life, if you mean by enjoyable is being stabbed by a knife then YES, being a teenager is so much fun.

You have to deal with your own issues and the troubles everybody’s throwing at you.

Getting schoolwork done is the least of your problems.

Alongside it are popularity, friends, peer pressure, bullies, dating, being fat, money, your sexual preference, then your hormones go way out of control, your pimple infested face scaring away people, drugs and sex. Even though these things are superficial and may sound stupid it actually matters to us. WHY? Because, those people let it define them. Having a cool cell phone makes you instantly cool. Being rich makes you insanely popular.

The hierarchy we see today is so shallow, that they are following it unconsciously. Being different is a daily battle, to conform into society’s twisted norms or to be who you are.

So what if you’re different, diversity is what keeps the world unique and refreshing. Who are we to tell what is ordinary, what should be the right way.

Even though you’re not wearing designer clothes whether you’re fat or thin or labelled outside the ordinary, you can be what you want to be.

We are full of potential ready to burst so the world can see. But there are days where we lose our stand and momentarily be dejected.

Feeling defeated is part of the fight, of course were entitled to sick days where we wallow on self pity, eating tubs of ice cream, make blogs to whine about it anonymously.

Standing up just to be knocked down will eventually put a toll on you, it will in time, drag you down.

And if you do, don’t fall down without a fight. Go down with style with your limbs flailing around like a madcow.

At the end of the day when you are covered with black and blue, the pain is your only companion, you’ll smile to yourself because you survived. You still breathe and continue walking this earth. Though your skin is bruised your soul remains intact.


It would be great to hear from you, Drop a comment below :D

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