Path to Autumn

No redemption for the guilty, the crowd chimed.

Would that be for all ages?

The jury snickered trying the lyrics of the dead man’s tale.

A pick-pocket, a murderer, a failing grade

stood at the same line.

Inadequate that was the line they rhyme with every felon.

Inadequate food! Inadequate money,

inadequate time, work, thrill transcending to a metaphysical journey.

Then nothing, all the soaring plane that connects us meant nothing,

for all of it is inadequate.

Sweat will be for naught, for all of it is inadequate.

Might it grow so loud that it sparks mutiny?

A game played by the machine gun veterans.

Roulette if you will. More intricate, more designed to suit.

No empty barrel for the victor it was so sly it was sweet.

Humming the last song of the day may it be a decade less.

The symphony played with a duet.

Do you know why you’re here?

A nod, a shiver, a blank stare.

The uncoiling of events dictated by tongue.

Hunger makes one leave his inhibition.

The last guard of the rabid self.

The world lost touch or did I?

Humanity gone awry or did I?

Nothing to account for but the beating of empty plates.

Better to leave infested with bullets, it’s faster than starving.

The first wish come true resounding a BANG!

Silence, head turning, another sinner fell.

The way it gone with a thud, only remind the eyes what is to come.

Painting a summer’s day with a long begotten heat.

The way they fell was like autumn.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

Not breathtaking as the season, nor silent for the soul.

Just as peaceful to delude safety.

A grandeur feat to mock the truth.

Splendor, term force fed to the crowd.

Free –falling from the orange sky.

Only to be seen again on yesterday’s paper, tomorrow’s sepulcher.

A horizon limited by the tan heaven.

Then nothing for all of it was inadequate.

Nothing to do here!

The speakers reverberated.

Herding to the next attraction.

Glitter did not make part nor the idle costume.

It was the words they sang, forever.

Do you know why you’re here?

A nod, a shiver, a blank stare like a silent dance required to tune the show.


Bloter: Panda


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