A B C of Normalcy

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image from google

Is it my thick glasses, the way I walk with my friends, the clothes I wear or even the color of my socks that makes me different? Are these trivial things really the measuring tool people use to gauge one’s normalcy? If you think about it, it’s depressingly idiotic and at the same time typical. Normal? Do we even have the right to classify what is normal from what is not? The line between the two ideas is marginal yet people are bent on exaggerating.

Our society has become polarized, divided into those; who conform and accepted to societal norms and those who deviate and not accepted by it. The gap between the two sides constantly increases, fuelled by prejudice, bigotry and hypocrisy. Breeding hatred and insecurities on both sides, producing pain no medication can alleviate. To be labelled outside the norms of society can be taxing emotionally and in time physically. Being different from the scrutinizing eyes of the environment is hard, judged with every move you make, stereotyped because of race, economical status, sexual orientation and every superficial thing you can think of, is degrading and appalling.

A person however he is branded by society is still a person. Do we condemn him by being who he truly is? Should he be discriminated by factors he does not have control over? These people, who judge are so high with hypocrisy that they do not see that they are bashing on human nature, a thing that is innately present in all of us. Judging a person for who he is; is like judging a person for having a nose. Some will argue that criticizing is also human nature. It cannot be helped. And that argument is moronic in so many levels, and like a pile of manure it is only good as it smells. We have the choice to not judge and accept what we think is different and move on to life. But in many cases people tend to destroy what they cannot tame. Often times they do isolate what they do not comprehend, because of the fear that it might shatter their status quo.

Their status on society based on what they can buy and shallow mindedness only engrave the line much deeper between the two ideas, separating one with much condescension to the other. For some the fear of being labelled different, gives reason to hate themselves and be someone afar from who they really are. Becoming a shell of who they are once were, an empty vessel bounded by false contentment the society is offering.

But to those who are disenchanted by the sugar-coated reality of presumed normalcy, to be different is not a qualification for social persecution. What gives us the right to tell what should be the norm and what is to be unacceptable? My professor told me once that moral is progressively developing, what is socially inept on the past might be normal now or in the future. This idea gives hope that someday there would be a just society, impartial to all and where different would be just a word not to judge with. But until then we should not let our variation be a hindrance to show who we truly are. A line in a movie emphasizes this thought “Mutant, and proud”. That simple line may be exaggerated for this situation, but is totally appropriate. Our differences and distinction will only be empowering for us if we accept it. To be part of the change this world needs, let us not cower in fear of being diverse but to take pride on it. DIFFERENT AND PROUD!


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