Course 2: Salisbury

Magic is everywhere, just not in the form most people would expect it to. This all seems too passé for most, but it makes its way into our lives regardless. This, of course means that one’s perception of Magic may or may not be different from what it truly is. To some it is an escape from reality that seems to kindle one’s need to fight normalcy, even to the point of addiction. Some would say that it is an ability, one to be learned; enhanced, embraced, and never taken for granted. Some would even see it as a burden, a curse, or punishment of sorts. But one thing is definitely certain, and that is the fact that magic, in its essence is the breaking and bending of the very thread of reality that binds this cosmos.

But for now Johann, the tentative protagonist, tries to enjoy a small helping of potato salad, and keeps his cool while a plate of Salisbury steak walks up to his side of the dinner table. He had just entered again into the ‘van’ of Montgomery, a perfect stranger. He had to comply, as he is uncertain of what may befall him in case he does not. Fortunately for our so-called hero, he was welcomed warmly and invited to dinner, same as . Besides previously opening a van door and walking into what feels like a house, or seeing a plate of Salisbury steak walk towards his side of the table, hoping for its guest to eat his fill.

“Keep it together, Johann, it’s just a plate… that walks… and kinda struts… wait, strutting?” Johann thinks to himself as his fork finds its way towards one tender slice of meat. “Not so bad I guess…”

“Is something the matter?” Montgomery glances at Johann curiously.

“Ah, It’s nothing, it just takes a whole getting used to.”

“What is?” the middle-aged man

“The whole Magic thing. It’s something entirely new to me, like getting stuck in some fairy tale, no offense.”

“None taken. And also, there’s a lot more to magic than what books and TV make up. Besides, just because I can conjure up a ball of fire doesn’t mean I can make it burn downward.” Montgomery then follows by his words showing his open palm, suddenly creating a real ball of fire. The young man almost jumped from his seat.

“No Magic at the dinner table.” Beyond the potato salad, the steak, and the pitcher of lemonade was a girl with a lovely face, whose almond eyes were staring at her uncle. It was none other than Daphne. “Seriously uncle, sometimes I think I am the one supervising you.”

“Ah, yes, well, where are my manners? I guess I gotta do what she says, right.”

“T-that was… somehow uncalled for. Wait, what were you thinking!? You could have burned the table!” A stuttering Johann exclaims.

“My apologies, boy. I guess I got too excited. Anyway, I’m sure you are already dying to know why you are here…”

“Try not to take it literally”, Daphne interrupted.

“Ehem, moving on. What I’m about to tell you is of absolute importance to me, so please listen carefully.”

Johann looked intently. “okay.”

“Congratulations, I am going to make you my apprentice.”

“Ah, So I’m here for that. Wait, what?”

“You heard what I said. I meant an apprentice…”

“I mean wait a minute, you teach me magic and be your assistant?”

“I think I already made myself clear, son”

“Then, why me? It could be anybody else? I mean, I don’t even know magic”

“On a whim. I just wanted to. It felt like I found my choice at last.” Montgomery refills his glass of lemonade. Also, anybody can use magic. You’ve been reading one novel too many”

“Is everybody in your family like this?” Johann looks at Daphne, as she seems to pay more attention to her share of steak.

“hmpf” Daphne snaps back at the young man jokingly with a grin.

“Don’t worry. Daphne and I will show you the ropes. Think of it as your new part-time job.”

“Also, where are we?”

“On the road. We’re somewhere called Makiling mountain, I think.”

Johann was miles away from his subdivision already.

“It appears we have arrived in our destination”, said Montogomery. “Let’s get cracking”.


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