Your Dream is a Compass

I feel at lost, not knowing where I am in this point of life. Even figuring out where I’m heading is a task too big for myself. It was so clear back then, when I didn’t know that the world is a big ball of disappointment, with a hobby of crashing down dreams, splattering expectations all over the wall just to spite me.

Naivety and Innocence makes a colorful past but the real life situations drain all the color from it. We all had our plans, setting ourselves to the success and glory the distant future could bring. We laid this plans out, preparing for the absurd idea we had for the future. Finishing college, falling in love with the perfect person, have a high paying job; it was all simple in our heads that we assume its fool proof. Then the inevitable happens we screw up on the way, knocking down the chances of our plan’s success a few notches.

It feels like being stuck in a maze, where a wrong turn will lead you back in the starting point again. The only thing that keeps you going is the mythical exit no one has heard or seen of, to the cursed death trap.

Blindly following the ruins of the path of the dreams we had set, we might as well fall in a deep hole to rot. Our dreams are like a compass, it will point us to the directions we need to face in accordance with our aspirations and goals. But following a delusion is another way to lose yourself into the dark pit of your presumed reality.

Clutching our dreams, holding it tight and wishing it to come true, won’t make it so. But believing and acting upon it… well you might just have a chance there. Dreams are mindset programmed into our heads. Picturing the future with foggy details, it motivates a person to reach the finish line to the rat race we are on.

At some point we will lose our dream. We will be dejected to push on. Stuck on a rut, would be a normal incident for us. We cannot put a tag on our goals, but it sure can put a leash on us. We are subjected in accordance to our wants. And that’s a price of dreams. Frustration is a weak word to describe the feeling of a loss dream, but the beauty of it is we can have as many as we want, and that is the downside of it too. Too many selections and more frustrations make the heart beats.

It keeps us alive and kicking. It’s like the ribbon at the finish line flapping with the wind taunting us to keep running, to run faster and reach it. And if we live long enough to see the ribbon cut through the finish line we can say we truly have lived. The ribbon signifies not only the end but success, beginning of a new race and beginning of a new life. When we cross that dream we are not just headless chickens running around. We have a goal we set our eyes at. That goal however trivial or meaningless we see it, we go for it. That gives us meaning to run and reach another dream and make it out alive into another race.


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