Dissection of Boredom

Pure randomness ensues when you’re doing nothing.  How our mind starts grinding when boredom comes crashing down, and its effect sure to strike fatally. It’s funny how we can think of the silliest things out of the blue when time is not chasing us.

College life doesn’t really give a chance for people to have a moment of randomness. With all the deadlines to be met, projects to be passed and all the stacks of reading materials to be scanned, skimmed and tear out, being out of place is not an option. Seeing your packed schedule condensed in a timetable is enough to make a grown man cry. Having classes from 7 am to 8 pm and dealing with life in between, makes no room for breathing. Like a drone programmed to do mundane routines over and over again

All work and no play makes one, a dull person. Taking  a break once in a while is good for the system. Taking out stress, just relaxing and doing spontaneous stuffs also help.  Breathe in the good and do away with the stressing negative load.

People tend to hold on to order, structured ideology and technicalities, they take comfort on these things to stabilize themselves from this chaotic world.

But for some people the gift of being random comes naturally. I, for one am a random person. Some may call me immature, but they’re ugly butt-head’s, so I don’t take their judgmental criticism affect me. BLEH.

There’s something about being spontaneous that sets fire in you. The exhilaration keeps your blood pumping. Once in our life we were carefree but not careless we were driven with motivation not drive into it. Have a laugh and take a bite of life once in a while.

Here are some things to do when facing boredom

  1. Surf the net, but don’t get tangled with its web. The world is yours with a few clicks. Go virtual if your reality is getting too much to handle, just don’t get too acquainted with the dark side of the internet.
  2. Do art. When your life starts getting dull color it with passion. Sing, dance, paint, write, and express yourself. But not too much, try not to blur the lines of freedom.
  3. Get in touch with nature. Get your daily dose of fresh air right into the factory. Connect with your inner hippie and hug a tree, plant potatoes; you’ll need it when you meet up a zombie.
  4. Meet up with friends. The best way to end your boredom. Get out with friends and switch on the fun. Nothing beats a day out with your best buds and party like an animal.

 When you are at your wits end with your mundane life, stroll out of your comfort zone, have fun, grab a friend and keep calm and enjoy life.

Blotter: Panda


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