Illusion of the Little Red Button

image from google

image from google

What would you give up for eternal youth or to reverse the hands of time? Its mind boggling to see how an intangible thing, a concept so basic has so much power over us. No matter how much effort we exert, we cannot put back the sands of the unforgiving time.

I always had the notion that I would not grow up if I just choose not to. I blame Peter Pan and his exploring shadow. I did not bother with the urgency of time and crush the idea of its patience. And now I am paying still for that. Well Rest in Peace the years of my life that I cannot get back.

I’ve never paid much attention to the complexities of life, I’m far too detached from reality to even notice that I’m slipping deep inside to my own retarded version of the world, It never cease to amaze me the state of  delusion I was in, how grand it was, how it was bordering to fantasy and overlapping with stupidity.

This epiphany was long overdue. A good kick start is all I need to reacquaint me with the crazy thing called Reality. It was not that EUREKA moment when it just struck you blindly but rather it was like confronting the elephant in the room, and kick its enormous butt out.

The whole ordeal pointed out to me that I have been playing games outside the virtual reality, and putting the same principle into my real life. I quickly thought when did I ever kill zombies in real life or shoot lightning out of my hands or draw first blood? Then it dawned upon me, RESTART, the one word that makes everything okay. When the odds are against you, what are you going to do? Press the little button and restart of course.

I have been living my life always thinking there’s a fail-safe plan under me, it made me careless, it made me impulsive and it made me too old to mention. I did not notice time passing by, failures after failures was dealt with a cold shoulder thinking I could just restart and just go on my merry way, and keep skipping through the yellow brick road.

Before I knew it, I was fat, old and sarcastic. A cruel combination. Like a teenage Santa Claus?!

I learned Two facts about life that would save you from a lot of PAIN.

1. It was never a fair game.

2. Don’t bother looking. There is no RESET button.

Reality BITES, and that’s a fact. It doesn’t bark for warning, it just bites! HARD. With its fangs covered by society’s rabies, you’d be lucky if it gives you a quick painful death. Worst case scenario it turns you into a vampire and sparkle under the sun.

Yes, we should celebrate life but not to overlook the journey. And most of all check your manual if you have been equipped by a little red button before wasting away life.


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