Some APPLES for your Eyes

Being true to the theme of the blog, we’ll be doing a take on things most people would not take a second glance at, or to sit for a moment and think about. Putting trivial things on the spotlight, there will be occasional videos if this first one will be a hit, or will put us on heat. Blogging about mainstream ideas or putting them on our own microscope to poke, dissect and with the sporadic bashing is NEVER beneath us.

For today’s post we will do a poorly executed take on APPLES. And because it is April Fools’ Day we have the perfect alibi to be wacky. (Like we need another excuse for the day)

Happy April Fools’ Day! Trololol

Contrary to popular belief, the forbidden fruit mentioned in the book of Genesis was not an apple. But it is an apple that hit Sir Isaac Newton in the noggins. Maybe that is one root why science and faith keeps ramming with each other. Well anyhow, who needs the “PB&J otter noodle dance” when you have apples hurting you in the head, supplying you with scientific laws and a concussion? Aaaah, the price we pay for knowledge.

Note: (No apples were hurt nor injured during the filming. But we can’t say the same for the commentator Stroodlepup.)


Here’s the video below

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