Inside the BOX

Image from Google

Image from Google

For the letter B will be doing a tribute to our blog – BLOTBOX. Being new to the blog scene, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce the heads inside the box and tell the tale of how the BOX came to be.

Boredom, cheap coffee and a bunch of guys was the perfect combination that made this blog. Getting around stupid names for the site is the first hurdle that we made as a team.  It’s a miracle we did not end up with BoomBoomPowBlog.  Consisted with guys of low attention span and hyper imagination, agreeing with a specific theme was like Wrestlemania, thanks for cheap coffee for keeping the brawling at bay.

Trivial Matters that matter.  A spark of intelligence surfaced and we have a theme. Tackling about the things that normally would not get attention but is part of life, will be the blood of this blog. Scrutinizing, Evaluating and Finding a different vantage point of ideologies, events and situation is always a favorite among the Box.

The guys behind the box:

Stroodlepup –  If you saw the poorly executed attempt of a video in Apples, you probably noticed him. One of the tech guys managing the Box, don’t judge him by the blog’s aesthetics. He gets enough from all of us. Aside from being witty all day, he gets high with his animes.

Panda – If you like sarcasm in bulk this is your man, or bear, or is it a marsupial. Writing blogs, while whining anonymously is a guilty pleasure for this one. Don’t let his fluffy name fool you. He can be a bad ass if he wants to be. *One time he broke bamboo shoots with his teeth* yikes.

Percy – The only one more attached to reality than most of us immortals. Getting things done the right way or no way at all is his delicious tagline. Such a tyrant. *he’s looking this way, I’m typing! I’m typing!*

King of the Hil – The tech guy under the radar, he’s more in sync with codes than the guys in Matrix. He likes his coffee not cheap. Rich kid!



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