D is for Dozing Off

Image from Google

Image from Google

This is what my Mom usually says when she sees me dilly-dallying. I made a poem out of her raging 😀


Endless day become fruitless nights chanting the fervour

of luxury’s end. To lay within the covers of your

mother’s chair, lured with the antinomy of sweat. Until the sky

written with the blinding sun merge with the gaping heavens

lulling the mind  to wonder. It’s immobility by choice renders

nothing to emerge. For the day has gone dull and still the body

vex with the idea of work, lingers.


To make the flesh move accord necessity is a mindless matter

Passing through as life drips away still you sleep,

snoring away daylight. Will make the body frail

from uncertainties. Seasons turn orange to ash

rotting the mind from being unused and clogged

by the diminishing thoughts of duty.


Unmoving like the statue picturing force,

makes a perfect contradictory like no other. As change wilts

the face of the world, still you stay withholding comfort.

Still you wait change to change you. Cruel is the time to give

you no compliance of what you yearn for. It’s a senseless figure

that doesn’t need your feeble desires. As fast as your pace,

your wishes will come.


Patience is a virtue not to be mistaken by apathy and idleness.

The world will belong to those who claim it, leaving behind

dead weight  of civilization that slowly purge progress.

When you wake on the agonizing stupor, gray is your hair

your eyes so blind and your feet drags you nowhere.

Sleep like the forgotten as yourself be history’s trash.




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