Exploring Summertime


E is for Estuary

While other parts of the globe is having Spring season, we are now in full swing of summer or the dry season. We don’t get winter ( no snowman 😦 ), spring and autumn.  We just have wet season and dry season, But mostly the sun is baking us good all year round, with an often break, courtesy of the monsoons.

And because it’s summer, making us only 4 kilometers from the sun, (Mercury would be so jealous) we get ourselves to Puerto Galera, beating the heat with cool waves, majestic scenery and a smudge of sunscreen.

Riding the boat to an underground cave, snorkeling and horsing around the water were the first to be checked out from the list to do. Enjoying the sun with awesome people always equates to fun.

Exploring the island, we found ourselves in an estuary. It’s an enclosed body of water where the flowing river meets with the tide of sea. Though influenced with the tides they are protected by the island or peninsula that serves as a barrier from the full force of ocean waves, winds and storms.

The river retains its freshness and not a taste of saltwater. Trees grow from the edges making a perfect shade for the glaring sun while getting massaged by the gentle flow of water.

Relaxing in the water got me thinking, in our journey in life we had encountered estuaries maybe in form of challenges, dilemmas, and problems that got us to where we are now or where we’re heading. Like how fresh water goes through the maze that is the island, just to transition and meet with the vast ocean. We face struggles everyday, working for paycheck after paycheck. Loving the same unworthy faces, or not feeling loved at all, grades to achieve, boss’ to appease. It’s an endless list of burdens that test our patience and cut our edges.

It’s a necessary trail everyone faced, accompanied with tears, sweat and blood. Purging ourselves into shape and with pain comes the glory.

Looking behind the past we’ll see how far we’ve come, how high that leap of fate was, how long is that scar and how much we’ve grown. Soon we’ll see our reflection and be amazed how much has changed since then.

We overcome; we are renewed, armed with experience and iron guts, leaving behind the past but never forgetting, ready to set sail again.

Remembering I was on a summer trip I let go of that musing and get back to enjoying the summer breeze, the cool waves and awesome company,leaving the estuary alone with my silly imagination.




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