Cavemen Still Use Google

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Image from Google

F is for fire. Be it literal, idiomatic, or symbolic
Unless you have been living in a cave, you are a bit amish, or sleeping during literature class in High School, you would know that in Greek Mythology, there was once this awesome guy (or titan? Not THAT titan SNK fans) named Prometheus who was said to have passed the knowledge of fire to mankind, and was punished for it. According to legend, he was sentenced to eternal torment (look it up, I’m sure you’ll know why I did not mention it) for angering the gods due to his action. Nonetheless, He was the hero of the people. He was celebrated, adored, even worshipped. He received the ancient rockstar treatment.

So what do we get from all this ancient lecture? Simple. Fire is mankind’s analog for progress-warm, kindling and comforting; but also possibly violent, destructive, and unpredictable. Who would have thought that after such a short amount of time (ask a geologist, he/she will say the same) our young race has risen from rubbing two sticks together for warmth to rubbing that pizza stain off your iPod. Who knew, right?

But I guess we may have won our keep in the genetic lottery. Science, or at least your high school science teacher would tell you that the earliest of human beings used tools and fire as a means to survive. Epochs and histories of discoveries later, the industrial revolution became a hallmark of human innovation. This time around, we are beyond baby steps into progress, and now transitioning into finding a greater calling and using these wondrous products of human invention and delve beyond realms imaginable.

All this progress, growth, and technology, all compressed and condensed into a by -product of human culture – a selfie.

Hell no.

It sometimes wonders me how such a thing would be more famous than CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, Marie Curie and the Hubble Space Telescope. I also cannot imagine why anyone, anyone would make a horribly big deal out of it, so much so that it can be at the expense of someone’s life. We now bear the sins of Albert Eintein’s fears. We will soon suffer for it. Personally, my only hope is that all that media hype about, well… media hype would subside and usher in more people into the pursuit beyond what we already see.

So to you dear reader if you ever read this, know this fact: Kim Kardashian is not an ideal superhero, so it’s about time to pick up that Bunsen burner and get your science on. 🙂





  1. Hi, stroodlepup here 🙂

    Just in case this post develops into a flame war about Einstein’s quote, let me remind you that I also know that the said quote is not officially said by him, but, if you think about it, he may feel the same.

  2. Great post. A very sane point of view, too, I might add.

    Even though I’ve trained myself to tune shit out, I cringe a little every time I see news about wars, famine, oppression and intolerance flare up briefly, then get swallowed by the ever-moving bush-fire of Mileys, Biebers and Kardashians. Not to mention there’s no real coverage of all the mind-boggling inventions we make every month, because it’s so much more fun to talk about who-wears-what on Oscar night.

    1. thank you Veronica for that wonderful comment. If you think about it, it is not completely the media’s fault why everything’s so screwed up as we see it. Many factors contribute to this, and sadly this comment is not even enough to describe such. We also cannot say that media made everyone stupid, lethargic, toddlers; but it cannot be contested that nowadays, everything is a gigantic popularity contest, and the people who take the benefits are often the ones who do not deserve them.(Yes, in the ? years of my life that I have lived, I have never heard of someone who gets to be a celebrity out of some sextape.)

  3. I am an older person who is more than fed up with the hype. Still, I don’t consider myself out of touch (after all, I’m reading this blog) so my attitude and total dislike of all things media can’t be the only one out there. I am a grandparent raising a 13-yr-old boy and can identify all the current music but trying to get him to understand there is more to life than what’s portrayed by the media is difficult. Great post!

  4. I’ve heard a few speculations on the brain science that gives rise to ‘tabloid culture’, along the lines that we’re hardwired to follow the stories of a few hundred people, because that’s about the number of people in a typical tribe or pre-industrial village. Now, most of us who live in cities don’t really know our neighbors that well, so we read about the daily lives of our proxy villagers on the internet, and can gossip about them with anybody we meet in real life who also follows the same celebrities.
    I have no idea if that works out or what it says about selfie culture if it does, just felt like sharing it. Nice to meetcha.

    1. nice to meet you to kelworthfiles, I’m not exactly into neuroscience (it does pop into my interest sometimes) but I’d look it up. some habits do die hard eh? 🙂

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