Hash Games

image from google

image from google

H is for hashtag, in a very informative manner


First off, I shall warn you that this simply serves as a small reminder to those who simply use hashtags in social media. I would also like to tell you that discussions are open below just in case. So, without dilly-dallying on the subject, and without further ado, let’s talk about hashtags.

Before the craze (literally) of  The hashtag, before becoming this symbol that we know and love (?), it was originally called a hash. Also known as the number sign, it is that other button in a cellphone that people rarely use. But of course, it has its uses. Symbolically, it can be read as “number”; since saying “Yellow # 5” versus saying “Yellow number 5” shows more brevity in some cases. The symbol had many applications in different fields during the infancy of computer technology. It has its own place in mathematics, statistics and telephony. Pre-twitter, not much has changed with the use of the hash sign, or number sign as I would like to call it; but computers made use of the symbol in programming. And a way to identify groups in Internet Relay Chat (or IRC, for short).

Wow, ancient history. Well not exactly. Of course, twitter changed the whole game. The hashtag came about from Chris Messina, a developer at Twitter who suggested the idea of grouping messages together using a “pound” symbol. It was rejected at first, but was eventually adopted anyway into the use it has now. And now the use of it goes beyond twitter.

However, the thing is, its use has rapidly degraded from its original intent. Now, it works something along the lines of “I don’t feel so good. #ifeelsick #Iatetoomanyburritos”. Now, it’s used as some kind of popularity statement, and it can sometimes get annoying – very very annoying. Especially, when at least three-fourths of the whole message is “#imverypissedathowmyparentsdidntgetmeapinkiphoneandgavemeablackoneinstead”. This way of using hashtags is not very well thought-out. (and i know some of you readers can relate) In the end, you mileage may vary. Using hashtags can be a beneficial tool to organize, or a means to a gigantic, swirling mess. Because, #nobody #wants #hashtags #allovertheplace, #right?





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