Green Eyed

image by Nele De Guzman

image by Nele De Guzman


J is for Jealousy


I envy not the fame of persons on the screen

Their fake smiles and crocodile tears


Nor the riches of monarchs

That sinks in the vast ocean of dreams


Not the contrast of beauty in unblemished skin

With a scar it tumbles down like a timber


I do not envy the false freedom it brings

Nor it’s overrated compensation


But I…

I envy the nameless crowd that holds veracity

Not even fame can ruin their identity

No malice of prestige can alter their name


I envy the mass that strive through life

Working with their hands to keep themselves alive

Freed from social degeneration



I envy those level head

Lest not the tone of other’s skin matter

A person is his own asset, that much is grandeur




I envy the courage of heroes that bestows freedom

I envy the love that is given

I envy faith that holds deep hope

I envy the real smiles that come


And I…

I envy the life I should have not left.


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