Ticket to Enchanted Reality

Image by Chester Cabarlie

Image by Chester Cabarlie


M for Magic


I’ve seen the movies, I’ve heard the stories

It’s all fictitious, the plot, the twist, the happy ever after

Something so beautiful would not exist in this reality

But still I keep watching, I keep reading, secretly hoping


To die from the sweetness of an apple

Not from bullets, from bombs nor from each other’s hands

To be given life with a kiss

A second chance without the crippling health bills


To sleep soundly for eternity

Not with one eye open, not with a gun

Not to be abandoned with hollow pity

But for someone to turn the light on when nightmares run


To see beyond the face of beauty

Not to be a slave of tempting vanity

Judged by the deeds not by the eye

To be dignified as a person in life not when we die


To be free from the clutches of hatred

From unequal hierarchy like society’s glass slippers

To reach the dreams even with a limited curfew

When the clock strikes twelve life continues


Tangled by enchanted hair a wish to escape the scaling tower

Guarded by dragons, by witches and phantoms

Rescued by a knight in white steed is not the only solution

Truth paves  way in self actualization


In tales we see that believing is without a price

Stand up to our own demons and arise

The ticket to the enchanted beginning is free

Now we choose our reality



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