How many cups of flour to get to your heart?

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P is for Peeta Mellark

Diverting from the usual post we do here in the box, which is for the most part, just random ideas that pop on top of our heads, I’ll be letting out my inner fanboy and post a fictional character that start with the day’s letter, “P”.

Peeta Mellark – Who knew pastry skills, could be handy in the arena?  Charming his way out of the games, with lots of charisma swooning away the crowd and keep the Capitol eating at his baker’s palm. He makes up stories and gets away with it, it’s completely hilarious. He is a gentle guy, very opposite to the other tributes, who can totally wreck people up, I think even Rue can do more serious damage. People like Peeta in other fiction doesn’t get too much airtime, either they die prematurely or fade in the background like an afterthought. Usually the male protagonist brings the BOOM with roadhouse kicks and flash punches, but he has Katniss to do that, got to keep his hands sanitized for pastries. Of course his innocence and kindness also has a sting to it, bringing down the Capitol with baking skills and berries (a serious Badass indeed).

His persona is very refreshing from all the violence and hatred oozing from the book, though he sells the sweet romantic stuff so well, I was still anticipating for him to finally snap and cause damage. And in the MockingJay did he deliver!  Peeta Mellark “Friend. Lover. Victor. Enemy. Fiancee. Target. Mutt. Neighbor. Hunter. Tribute. Ally. I can’t tell what’s real anymore, and what’s made up.” Major feels in those lines. LOL.



Some cookie points of Peeta:

  • Having his own workout routine – His biceps didn’t got like that on its own, lifting bags of flour         does have its perks
  • His artsy side is just a camouflage – if that tree smells like a cream puff it’s probably Peeta in disguise.
  • He likes Oranges too– no, not bright Orange, but soft like the sunset. *I like mine freshly squeezed*
  • A Boy scout – Always double knot his shoe laces.
  • Rebellious – his more than just a  piece of their games, he’s a Victor
  • He bakes – the icing on top of all that.








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