Graveyard Hymn

Image by Chester Cabarlie

Image by Chester Cabarlie

Q is Quiet


Crows watch the street, guarding the night

Who’s to say it’s my tomb their watching

It may be the nameless graves on the ground

But never those flawless ivory faces

My feet get numb from the world’s melancholy

Those subtle tears that paints the marble floor

Becomes a reminder of the waning sensation

Seamless like the little hands that reach

For the closing heavens, and seamless like the

Fingers that touch them

The reaper whispers

”Stay away from the light, it will suck you up

And gnaw your spirit and spit you like a trembling gum”

So I did and still the night was dim

Wandering the empty halls but not for reason

Because I lost it eras ago

And again, now as I reminisce



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