Some say something silly sometimes

S is for “Some few years back”, and I feel old just from writing this.

I was watching this video (see above video) and immediately laughed at how the children react to a considerably old device such as a walkman. It was expected of them to react this way, some of us probably did the same while growing up. But there are things that quite took a bite out of me. Let me share it with you now.

Needless to say, I am a “90’s” kid. Yes, the kind that stepped on Legos, played in the mud, and crashed his bike in half. (More on that soon, if time would allow) I did not even get a cellphone until I finished high school (ha!). I did have a computer though. Seeing children react to a walkman made me realize how quick the tide of perspective can transform, and how something you were once used to is now something unrecognizable. I see the kids, lamenting on how in the world past generations were even able to cope without what they currently have. It strikes a clear contrast between the world I saw before and what children see now. Although, seeing them struggle and tap a walkman did tickle my funny bone.

To those of you who do not know what a walkman is, it is an old device capable of playing music on the go. Back then we (yes, I meant we) used ‘casette’ tapes to record stuff and play sound over. It was mostly manually controlled, and had to be ‘flipped’ to play all the songs. Even now, I would not mind using one. Of course the only reason I don’t is because it is quite expensive, personally.

Supposedly, as the computer go-to guy in this magazine, I am a supporter and purveyor of the newest technological marvels; and yes, I am. So why the interest in an age-old, long-gone piece of work? Simple-nostalgia, appreciation, and value. Upon seeing kids react towards the walkman, I pondered if they could come to appreaciate the fact that the generation of people who used these “old-school” technology are probably the same ones who made what they play with now? It bites me to think otherwise.

In the end in my hopes and dreams, I would rear my children (Just in case a girl was foolish enough to marry me) to appreciate the things that has put their generation into where it would be by then. They would hear stories of how their dad was also once a little kid, just like them, curious enough to tinker with a casette player and hear Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.



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