Travelling Bags


From Yosemite National Park, California, US.  to Japan.
These bags are circling the globe one pit stop at a time and spreading a special kind of love for a special cause. These are “echo” bags, and No that’s not a typo, echoing their advocacy for Special Children all over the World and reverberating the mindset that they can be beyond their disability by focusing on their strength and passion.

The kids behind the artwork of the bags are Miguel Pedroso (11 y/o) and Miggy Ignacio (09 y/o) both diagnosed with autism. Half of the proceeds will go to them while the other half will fund art mentorship programs for persons with disability. Seeing the support from different people from different places sparks the awareness for this issue.

Sending the message of goodwill with these bags keeps the flame brighter paving the way of a clearer future for these kids. Getting in, on the advocacy people all over the world can’t stop to pose for a cause  with these bags in tow.


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  1. That’s a great cause and a great way to raise awareness. My little brother has Down’s Syndrome, and I think anything that raises awareness for kids with special needs is a fantastic thing. He does a lot with a dance group that puts on dancing shows with young people with Down’s, and they perform in front of audiences as a way to raise not only awareness but also to show what people with Down’s can do if given the right support and encouragement.

    This seems like a great way to showcase the creativity that can come with autism, as well as to raise awareness for special needs kids. Off I pop to the Facebook page!

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