Exhume the World


Image by Ian Fanoga

Image by Ian Fanoga

U is for Unearth

I’ve been putting off watching Warm Bodies, with all the negative reviews I’ve read and heard it’s difficult to sway myself to watch it. Thinking it would be like a zombie counterpart of Twilight, without the shirtless men and shining bloodsuckers.

Almost halfway with the movie a dialogue struck me,
“I think some day someone is going to figure this whole thing out and exhume the whole world”.

The optimistic tinge in that line and the underlying metaphor flicked some dying light in me. Lighting up something, not Hope because that would cause a wildfire in me, but a crazy thought. A stupid notion that would inspire me to write this post.

All the vile, unclean, miserable traits of man personified as the zombies littered the society. Infecting the whole world, letting chaos reign, outnumbering the other side in myriads and you’d be like them with just one bite. A perfect picture of reality.

People tend to be afraid, build walls around them, protecting them from the misery. Like the saying goes, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

The world is not evil, the world is not vile, the world is not miserable, not originally anyway. The good in the world is buried with all the rubbish accumulated through time, hidden from view and cloaked by despair, but it is there.
But, they found the cure. Turning the zombies into life, gaining back their humanity, it started with visions, with memories, with a touch, with empathy and compassion. Then they realized they found more than that; they found the one thing that exhumed the world, the thing that unearthed the innocence and goodness back. They had the cure for death; they themselves unearth the cure within.

Thinking about it again, I should’ve just blindly followed the reviews to another flick and not watched it at all, not because it was horrible. But because it filled my head with this stupid notion that world can be exhumed. Heartbreaks with your tea don’t sound nice at all. LOL


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