Game of Thorns

Image from Google

Image from Google

V is for Victor

Born in the midst of war
My palms are callused as the salt in the ocean
With the same intensity of the sun that grooved the mountains
My will to thrive is unrelenting
Trailblazing to the end of the tunnel
Until I grasp the light, my back will not rest
With the game of pedestals
Who will be the next to be glorified?
As a victor? As a hero?
Nay! But a hoarse mutilated spirit
That bears the dream of the fallen
A roll well-played
Give in to the rush that consumes you piece by piece
Until the ghost of your presence only remains
Fall to the game; leave your inhibition
Let loose to the song of adrenaline
Bribed by fading history till you hit the lights
A scar of a legend fitted to your name


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