W is for wipeout, Believe me.

So, what’s the nicest thing you’ve done when you were much younger? Drawing maybe, or singing in the bathroom perhaps? Rode a bike? If so how did you learn to ride one? With training wheels, perhaps? As for me, it was not as normal as most would have.

I learned biking before I learned what fractions are. I could confidently say that a bicycle is like an extension of my body as I move from A to B. I was never really good at it however, seeing as for the earliest parts of my life, I was also just using training wheels or a sidecar. I wanted to ride properly, and my curiosity at riding solo began.

Attempts were made to ride solo without any help. Almost all attemps ended in failure. Until one day I had the crazy idea of learning how to ride by climbing up the foot of the nearest hill of my neighborhood and learn to ride without training wheels. There is a catch to this story-the foot of the hill is jagged, rocky and and rough. It was every parent’s horror, But I dredged on. After several attempts to ride through the slope, I was finally able to learn, but there was another catch to this story-my one bike became two.(it broke off by the handlebars) It was fun though.



  1. When my son Adam was 10, a neighbor kid had left his bike in our driveway and ran off to play football in the street.
    Adam looked at the bike and claimed, “I can ride that bike.”
    I looked at him and said, “You’ve never even been on a bike. You can’t ride it.”
    He insisted he could. He picked it up, got on and rolled down the driveway while I yelled out, “Peddle!” And he rode that bike. He was just a natural with good balance.

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