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X is for X-files

Watching horror flicks always set me in a restless state especially at night, with the things that goes bump in the dark and monsters under the bed that keeps recurring in my mind resulting to getting only a couple of hours to sleep and doing it again the next night. It’s a cycle, a vicious restless cycle.

Three hours of solitude is my last meal
Handed by a beast with eyes of teal
Minute’s pasts, my soul still hanging loses its part
Fallen sirens swaying to the broken melody of my heart,
Stench of their waiting seeping through my eyes
Enchanting lyrics thickened by lies

Poisoned mind weeping for we to dwell
Scattered dreams into the nothingness they fell
Infected bodies lie in the street to burn
With the faith to gods and hope they churn
Sight unseeing is for the ill forgotten
Eternal torment for them they have betoken

Two hours left alone with my indulgence
The beast waiting for a chance of vengeance
With every air I inhale sting my lungs with despair
Walking towards the darkness through the fiend’s lair
Holding tight to the last piece of my sanity
As the world break through time patiently

Clutching reality with crooked hands
Logic creeping out of spinning head
Condensed thoughts revoked with hope
Horror raise identical to the beast’s loathe
Pitch black desire sleeping in water
Insides getting cold as the stretch get closer

Final hour has beckoned with the incessant pleas
Coaxing my incapacitated spirit to surrender in peace
Claws and fangs equipped to tear
Wounding my eyes with hollowing fear
Glances of cruel smirk staining the wind with copper
Screams of the departed delivering chilling laughter

Teeth bared to the victim they pray
Blood leaching to the wall as they lay
Drops of rubies gorging my vision
With heat escaping my body through my every scion
I see light transcending to the path of nothingness
With the earthbound mind I leave my restlessness


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