A shot of Internet on the rocks

With the end of holiday season comes the end of my binge watching, Dota 2 addiction and stuffing my face with greasy food.  The quick page turning of bum days to regular days has drastically changed my awesome routine. Now I have to wear pants to do all that.

Getting out from a holiday comma, you might get disoriented how the society has moved on. You might want to check current events how people fared themselves with the annual hibernation.

While other people check the local paper and the news, I go to a more entertaining medium. You’d be surprise how you can find pressing matters on 9gag.com

I acquire a sense of importance equivalent to how a post is taken by the crowd.  It’s never really a problem unless it has a certain amount of upvotes. You know things are serious when it becomes a meme.

Image from google

Image from google

I was scrolling down the site, with a few swearing and loose laugh coming out when I saw a post about Kanye and Paul McCartney. It was not really a trendy topic with just a few other post. I opened a new tab (incognito of course) and search what happened. It didn’t reach our local news, being on the other side of the globe, but even I know who Paul McCartney is. Being subjected to listen to Yellow Submarine at a young age made me want to know what band was singing, thinking it was the pirates in SpongeBob (the song was misleading).

It’s really amusing how the whole Kanye West and Paul McCartney collab has gone off into social media with Kanye’s fans questioning the “unknown artist”. Offending music fans which I assume don’t know Kanye West too.

I never thought the generation gap was that big. I guess it’s a clear side effect of how pop-culture work. With how the present generation has pulled out from the back and now taking the driver’s seat, it gives a hard and painfully needed reality check. The subtle transition of giving the reigns to those who are next in line makes you notice time and how it passed.

It does make you to look things into a different vantage point. Feeling myself go the way towards a downward spiral of depression, I came crawling back to the internet to satiate my needs of uncategorized fun. And lo and behold a new cover of Caleb Hyles has just been posted.

*Fanboy Alert*

Check out his Channel on youtube and be amazed with his covers. I personally like “This Day Aria” even though I don’t watch MLP, but I’m starting to veer towards it one click at a time. And he’s cover of “Hellfire” from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre-Dame keep replaying on my head when I grill barbecues. BUUUUURN! (I scare myself too)


Well of course his Let It Go cover which I voted for somewhere I can’t remember was epic. I think I slayed that replay for a couple of hours. I swear dolphins around our coast heard his high notes.

Well his singing range (is that right?)  is just a part of why I click the subscribe button, which I think I haven’t done before. He sings animatedly almost theatrical even. It’s very entertaining how he take on the persona of his Disney covers and put his own flair on every single one.

Just a couple of hours ago he posted another video. I keep looking out the western sky to find him LOL. The song was a frequent requested one and damn did he deliver. Hope he can do an MCR cover soon but chances are he won’t see this post.

I’ll try to do a separate post for this awesome guy later on. The amount of video links I can let myself insert in this post has exceeded (can’t let the inner fanboy out too much). LOL

Well with my positive mood recharged, I think I can handle the regular days (booo!) better now. Into the woods I go!



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