The Folio

Collection of Literary Works designed to blow your mind, or atleast make you coming for more.

Cloudless Rain


Do you sometimes stop and feel the rain touch your face?

However, looking up you saw a clear sky, cloudless heaven and the bright sun glaring, like a sarcastic remark on your feelings.

You half expect people to stop and offer you an umbrella

But, you forgot no one dies from rain, unless it is your fire that’s underwater.

Everybody’s walking yet, you still stood there.

Waiting for the imaginary rain to stop.

For the imaginary hands to hold you.

For something to make sense.

Like a movie, a moving panaroma of the world sliding out of your mind

Grip tighter,


You are the actor playing the greatest role invented.

Bite your tongue, right foot forward, left foot, right foot. Remember the steps to the choreographed dance,

now more fluid, let your self relax to the lies.

Walk again, wipe the rain from your eyes. Put the grin back on. We’re on a tight schedule, a decade less til the encore


To The Wolf,

You were awkwardly beautiful that day. Every word you spoke felt like howls. I did not know where that refined savagery came from.

You speak of things simple minds think as just stories and tales.

But, I heard you. I listened and felt the narrative dripping from your fangs. Those tasty gore you live for.

They thought it was a play.

I know that was your history. Your life. Stripped for all to see. Decorated with the carcass of a once glorious culture. But still, Atlantis sunk.

They were mesmerized with your poetry. Vibration of your voice resounds the home you’ll never see. Your pitch was so sullen and haunting, I can still feel the chill.

When you looked back on that day, did you see the burnt bridges and the dried tears etched in the ground?

Did you get to smell the smoke? Remember it burning your lungs and kissing your lips. Does it cloud your eyes? Follow the ashes – the only reminder of what used to lay there.

Come back to us. What do you see? What do you hear?


Only glazed memories, thrown into the deep. You smile as it reflect the sky, your feelings, yourself.

All the audience witnessed was incoherent sound coming out of a troubled soul. They saw insanity. I saw it too, and it was beautiful.



Allegory of the…

I am writing not out of depression, but with faith. I am not who I thought I would be. This is not me, the past has sought. There is a nagging feeling that gnaws deep inside. I am not the one I see in the mirror. The weak hearted fool. An Illusion of grandeur. A spitting image of foolish betrayal of validity. I am the parallel of the one I see in the eye’s perspective. Uncertainty has dulled me. Confusion delves deep. But I know now.

This is not the real life of what is. A dismembered painting of a whole piece. Only seeing the crack of light. A light that does not give justice to the whole body of origin. A reflection, distorted to hue of truth. (more…)


image from google

image from google

X is for X-files

Watching horror flicks always set me in a restless state especially at night, with the things that goes bump in the dark and monsters under the bed that keeps recurring in my mind resulting to getting only a couple of hours to sleep and doing it again the next night. It’s a cycle, a vicious restless cycle. (more…)

Game of Thorns

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Image from Google

V is for Victor

Born in the midst of war
My palms are callused as the salt in the ocean
With the same intensity of the sun that grooved the mountains
My will to thrive is unrelenting
Trailblazing to the end of the tunnel
Until I grasp the light, my back will not rest
With the game of pedestals
Who will be the next to be glorified?
As a victor? As a hero?
Nay! But a hoarse mutilated spirit
That bears the dream of the fallen
A roll well-played
Give in to the rush that consumes you piece by piece
Until the ghost of your presence only remains
Fall to the game; leave your inhibition
Let loose to the song of adrenaline
Bribed by fading history till you hit the lights
A scar of a legend fitted to your name

Risen from Elegy

image by Chester Cabarlie

image by Chester Cabarlie

R is for Renewal

It’s 2014 and the world is still in one piece. I got a confession to make. I really thought the world was going to end at 2012 but here we are moving on. 2012 has left and gone while we still breathe the same polluted air we made. It’s not being ready why I thought or more like hope for the world to end at 2012, it’s also more than my morbid fantasy to see the world come crumbling down. It’s the after effect, the afterglow of destruction I long to see, “Renewal” I imagine a world clean of grime and bile of the corrupted society, I want to see even if I won’t even live to experience. I’m tired, most of us are tired. But here we are still, it’s a chance. Everyday it’s a chance for us to be a clean slate, a chance to move from the rut we are stuck in, this is a game of survival. I want to live, truly live and not resenting past actions anymore. A dream maybe but I hope we all wake up.



Never ending, was the soliloquy of the old man

Like the wine in Milan, like the setting sun in Paris

But no romance, no scenery can be painted

With the frozen tip of the brush

For days he tells the crime of his people

The death of their white doves, the longing piece of the siren

His garb of filth and grime, disguising, melding

His words to insanity and lies, but not quite with contempt

As much as a plea of innocence

But still his aged bones attest, a funeral for truth,

Those buried with the sons and daughters of his crowd

And yet they smile, reminiscing the pain they buried
For time is his currency, his words stings of veracity

Feral with dignity, feral with crushed dignity, his eyes so dull but still he sees.

Pointing out the sins of their flesh, that kills like gun

But not with the same speed and accuracy

Lesser. Much lesser, but with so much hurt.

Then to spite, time leaves marks for the world to feast.

He roams the city, collecting the forgotten alms

With his mouth like a lute,

And his words as symphony, the lyrics to his hymn make

Castles crumble. But not yet. He still utter the crisp

Words of regret, the same regret used to cut open the strays.

“Do not let your fear be your faith.

Less be it your fuel to ignite the dwindling fire of your hope”.

The words reverberated as thunder

Echoes it across the halls,

But none moves, none hear, none begs for salvation

The mocking prophet, as the people

Critique him, continues to sway and rhyme.

Nothing changes for all they see is a senile old man

They think they see, they think they hear

But no one can truly witness and no one can truly heed

The never ending poem for their soul,

Their mocking elegy

Graveyard Hymn

Image by Chester Cabarlie

Image by Chester Cabarlie

Q is Quiet


Crows watch the street, guarding the night

Who’s to say it’s my tomb their watching

It may be the nameless graves on the ground

But never those flawless ivory faces

My feet get numb from the world’s melancholy

Those subtle tears that paints the marble floor

Becomes a reminder of the waning sensation

Seamless like the little hands that reach

For the closing heavens, and seamless like the

Fingers that touch them

The reaper whispers

”Stay away from the light, it will suck you up

And gnaw your spirit and spit you like a trembling gum”

So I did and still the night was dim

Wandering the empty halls but not for reason

Because I lost it eras ago

And again, now as I reminisce


image from Google

image from Google


O is for OK


A new battle begins, as it is a new day

Against sorrows and fears that won’t go away

As you are pushed and tossed into the fray

Just smile and not worry because you’ll be O.K.

Be careful what you wish for

Always mean what you say

Mind not what they see in you

You know yourself either way

Find no joy in others’ ordeal

And help them find their way

For as you are pushed and tossed into the fray

Just smile and not worry because you’ll be O.K.

Laugh as if your last, cry if need be

Ease yourself and into my arms you lay,

Know your limits, understand that you are free

To learn and express, what it is you wish to say

And as long as you are pushed and tossed into the fray

Just smile and not worry because you’ll be O.K.


Ticket to Enchanted Reality

Image by Chester Cabarlie

Image by Chester Cabarlie


M for Magic


I’ve seen the movies, I’ve heard the stories

It’s all fictitious, the plot, the twist, the happy ever after

Something so beautiful would not exist in this reality

But still I keep watching, I keep reading, secretly hoping


To die from the sweetness of an apple

Not from bullets, from bombs nor from each other’s hands

To be given life with a kiss

A second chance without the crippling health bills


To sleep soundly for eternity

Not with one eye open, not with a gun

Not to be abandoned with hollow pity

But for someone to turn the light on when nightmares run


To see beyond the face of beauty

Not to be a slave of tempting vanity

Judged by the deeds not by the eye

To be dignified as a person in life not when we die


To be free from the clutches of hatred

From unequal hierarchy like society’s glass slippers

To reach the dreams even with a limited curfew

When the clock strikes twelve life continues


Tangled by enchanted hair a wish to escape the scaling tower

Guarded by dragons, by witches and phantoms

Rescued by a knight in white steed is not the only solution

Truth paves  way in self actualization


In tales we see that believing is without a price

Stand up to our own demons and arise

The ticket to the enchanted beginning is free

Now we choose our reality

Green Eyed

image by Nele De Guzman

image by Nele De Guzman


J is for Jealousy


I envy not the fame of persons on the screen

Their fake smiles and crocodile tears


Nor the riches of monarchs

That sinks in the vast ocean of dreams


Not the contrast of beauty in unblemished skin

With a scar it tumbles down like a timber


I do not envy the false freedom it brings

Nor it’s overrated compensation


But I…

I envy the nameless crowd that holds veracity

Not even fame can ruin their identity

No malice of prestige can alter their name


I envy the mass that strive through life

Working with their hands to keep themselves alive

Freed from social degeneration



I envy those level head

Lest not the tone of other’s skin matter

A person is his own asset, that much is grandeur




I envy the courage of heroes that bestows freedom

I envy the love that is given

I envy faith that holds deep hope

I envy the real smiles that come


And I…

I envy the life I should have not left.