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Waking Up from the Wrong Side of the Bed

Scratching off the innocence on children’s stories we grew up listening before going to bed, Fairy Tale adaptation is popping out like Gremlins doused with water.  It’s thrilling to see Hollywood made the fairy tale invasion in the big screen to cater to an older demographic.  Notching up the plot with gruesome monsters, twists that will give your head some serious whiplash and the not-so-subtle sexual scenes that spice up the movie to a few degrees (which should not be in the line of vision of kids), gave me a field day watching it.

Don’t let the title fool you. Though it might look like children’s bedtime stories it’s amped to fit the preference of teens and young adults. Armed with angst, drama, blood, adult humor with a huge dose of special effects – a new race of movies is taking the lead.

Remaking these stories; to a European folk-tale massacre or legend about werewolves and witch hunts give a new feel to these nostalgic tales as old as time. Ripping out the fairytale’s General Viewer Rating, it now echoes a distinct taste of fantasy-reality into the mix. Characters on the screen though formatted on the original tale are more human in the movies. With flaws, misjudgement, giving into carnal needs and being susceptible with vengeance, sense of atonement and death. Showing the characters in a new light gave a more realistic feel and touch to the scenes.

This new side, which was unleashed from the silver screen, gives a bitter-sweet feeling. A sense of betrayal for the seamless characters that was built in our heads is like a knee to the gut watching them being… human. These movies are like an icy wakeup call back to reality.

Classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and other tales that reach out to the fantasy of the young mind is blended into a morbid premise blanketed by darker themes.

It does question a fantasy-ridden mind, maybe even going far as too shake a long standing of belief on the strength of abstract feeling of love and courage, of unity and humility and the validity of triumph of friendship and compassion.  But it’s just a movie, right?

What lurks on the edge of these movie adaptations are lust vanity, greed and death among our favorite sins to list down. Though the children’s tale we were used to have the like ideas, it was subtle and confined into a child friendly view. Giving a story a new vantage point is somewhat refreshing to others having the same story and character romanticized in their memory.

Dissecting the lore of those fairy tales, it can be really dark. Void of any pixie dust and supernatural phenomenon it can really be deadly accurate and realistic, portraying the dark side of the humanity. More like a history lesson than a literary piece. Serving the same morals but with a harder dose, the specialty of these movies lies not on the promise of happily ever after but the lying undertone of is it really happy forever after?