Cloudless Rain


Do you sometimes stop and feel the rain touch your face?

However, looking up you saw a clear sky, cloudless heaven and the bright sun glaring, like a sarcastic remark on your feelings.

You half expect people to stop and offer you an umbrella

But, you forgot no one dies from rain, unless it is your fire that’s underwater.

Everybody’s walking yet, you still stood there.

Waiting for the imaginary rain to stop.

For the imaginary hands to hold you.

For something to make sense.

Like a movie, a moving panaroma of the world sliding out of your mind

Grip tighter,


You are the actor playing the greatest role invented.

Bite your tongue, right foot forward, left foot, right foot. Remember the steps to the choreographed dance,

now more fluid, let your self relax to the lies.

Walk again, wipe the rain from your eyes. Put the grin back on. We’re on a tight schedule, a decade less til the encore



image from google

image from google

X is for X-files

Watching horror flicks always set me in a restless state especially at night, with the things that goes bump in the dark and monsters under the bed that keeps recurring in my mind resulting to getting only a couple of hours to sleep and doing it again the next night. It’s a cycle, a vicious restless cycle. (more…)

Graveyard Hymn

Image by Chester Cabarlie

Image by Chester Cabarlie

Q is Quiet


Crows watch the street, guarding the night

Who’s to say it’s my tomb their watching

It may be the nameless graves on the ground

But never those flawless ivory faces

My feet get numb from the world’s melancholy

Those subtle tears that paints the marble floor

Becomes a reminder of the waning sensation

Seamless like the little hands that reach

For the closing heavens, and seamless like the

Fingers that touch them

The reaper whispers

”Stay away from the light, it will suck you up

And gnaw your spirit and spit you like a trembling gum”

So I did and still the night was dim

Wandering the empty halls but not for reason

Because I lost it eras ago

And again, now as I reminisce