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A shot of Internet on the rocks

With the end of holiday season comes the end of my binge watching, Dota 2 addiction and stuffing my face with greasy food.  The quick page turning of bum days to regular days has drastically changed my awesome routine. Now I have to wear pants to do all that.

Getting out from a holiday comma, you might get disoriented how the society has moved on. You might want to check current events how people fared themselves with the annual hibernation.

While other people check the local paper and the news, I go to a more entertaining medium. You’d be surprise how you can find pressing matters on 9gag.com (more…)


Do Not Aim for the Head

The world being overrun by zombies is not far off.  No need for nuclear fallout or a brain virus to infect the human race. Media and Pop Culture is doing well in turning people to mindless drones eating away life.

Evolved from the typical brain eating zombies to a different class of mindless bodies that we see, they are more resistant to cure, spreading the contagion without even taking a chunk of flesh. The worst thing is aiming for the head is not an option.

Here are few types of zombies you might recognize.



You can easily distinguish this type of zombies by the trademark phone magically glued to their hand.  Taking pictures of their meal and posting it on social media is common ritual.  They have the tendency in seeing the event in the lens of their phones rather than enjoying the moment in real time. Follow, click, like is its daily routine. It stalks its prey in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. To communicate with this type of zombies, medium through texts and other applications is highly effective. Do not in any case touch the phone without permission, reading messages in their phone will guarantee an untimely demise.


image from Google

image from Google


Armed with layers and layers of protective gear this zombies main line of defense is their designer clothes, animal tested make-up and hard -toned bods. Filling the vast void of emptiness with everyone’s admiration is a need. Weighing every calorie that enters their system, you can see how hollow they are. Do not taunt with their obvious insecurities, they will chew and spit you out like a tasteless gum.



image from Google

image from Google


They are like amphibians, living on different planes, the virtual reality and the boring reality. Immersing on the virtual plane gives them the high of being anything and anyone aside from their plain old self. Can be seen staring all day in front of a computer or a gaming console. Turns into a normal functioning citizen when in downtime (game is under maintanenace). Turns into a debater in a game forum and can be strongly agitated when called with the taboo word “NOOB”.



There are several more types of zombies lurking in every corner. Wasting away life, marching through the streets with glazed eyes reflecting emptiness. Are you one of THEM?